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OverDrive review

OverDrive app is a platform that aims at diminishing the gap between libraries and the readers. There are many avid readers who don’t have access to digital libraries. The app facilitates hassle-free selection of books from your library. You just need a valid subscription to access the collection.

Moreover, you can either read the books or play audiobooks. Thus, you are always connected, whether you are reading during leisure time or listening while commuting. Further, the synchronization feature enhances the accessibility of books across multiple devices.

OverDrive app is compatible with Windows computers operating on Windows 8 and above. However, the app is not compatible with Windows phone. The app also supports synchronization feature that allows users to resume reading from the last read page. A single account is enough to sync across multiple devices operating on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Features and Functions

For using the OverDrive app, you should be a member of the participating library, school, college, or any other institution. When you have acquired the membership, you are eligible to borrow books from the library using the OverDrive app. Thus, you can access your library, grab a suitable book, and keep on reading without any restrictions whatsoever.

There are more than 30,000 libraries listed on the OverDrive app. Register yourself to the libraries and get premium access to an infinite collection of e-books and audiobooks on the OverDrive app. The facility is available 24/7. As the titles are managed automatically, you don’t need to worry about late submissions. Once the deadline expires, the book will be returned automatically. You can customize your collection by creating wish lists, placing holds, and so on.

Synchronize the app across multiple devices operating on Android, iOS, or Windows. Your selections, bookmarks, website links, etc. will remain intact after synchronization. The app is integrated with a capable eReader and audiobook player.

You can customize the fonts, size, margin, and other aspects as per your convenience. The app is available for free of cost. The only constraint is that it is not compatible with Windows phones. But, you can install Libby app on Windows phone for accessing digital books from your library.


As OverDrive app is concerned with the facility of providing digital books to the users, the interface should be as simple as possible. The sophisticated white background highlights the functionality of the app. All the icons and links are placed in a well-organized manner on the screen.

In addition to this, the intuitive interface plays an important role in elevating the user experience. While you flip the pages or play the audiobook at a particular pace, the app renders precision for distraction-free reading and listening experience.


Now you don’t need to visit the library to borrow books. You can just access latest books and audiobooks from the comfort of your homes. As the titles are returned automatically once the subscription ends, you don’t need to worry about the late fee. The pros we can definitely highlight are: an impressive amount of books available (30,000 libraries are registered), effortless synchronization with most of devices, and user-oriented features for distraction-free usage. The cons are really insignificant such as lack of certain features and incompatibility with Windows phones. Thus OverDrive is a perfect app for feeding the bibliophile within you. Don’t hesitate installing it!


5 / 5

Author: OverDrive, Inc.
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Publish Date: 2020-05-16
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