Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is the next edition of this popular first-person shooter, especially for cellular phones. Call of Duty: TiMi Studious developed mobile sport. The publisher of the shooter game is Activision.

Graphics - 5/5

Call of Duty game collection is famous because of its high-quality graphics. Since the sport has many unique releases, it features several locations like distance, Earth, etc. Call of Duty: Mobile is exceptional because this sport unites numerous iconic maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare. The figures look as realistic as possible to create with many details and realistic cartoons.

Gameplay - 5/5

Call of Duty game show is related to the genre of first-person shooters. The version for cellular telephones isn't an exception. Black Ops will transfer you to the Cold War period between the Soviet Union and the USA, together with the primary focus on the Vietnam War. Events occurring in Modern Warfare take place in the modern days. Despite different places and conditions, both games share the very same mechanics and gameplay. You may play as a foot soldier that can throw grenades, shoot using a firearm, and utilize other types of equipment as weapons. You will involve in various secret assignments and dangerous battles. Our Call of Duty: Mobile review revealed that the gameplay might hold your attention for quite a while. It's sudden turnouts and an interesting plot. Moreover, it is free to download and install.

Controls - 5/5

One of the principal problems the developers confront throughout the designing of shooters games would be the growth of control mechanisms. It is relatively easy to implement for PC or PlayStation, for example, but people do not have a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or anything like this on cellular phones. But we enjoy the controls on both Call of Duty: Mobile iOS and Android versions. It's simple and intuitive.

Replay Value - 5/5

Call of Duty: Mobile is a superb first-person shooter. Moreover, it has a multiplayer mode, which means you can play with your friends. This makes the end of the game inconsistent. Each time you play with new folks, you believe in different tactics and develop a different battle strategy. You might even boost your abilities and find hidden opportunities. The high-quality graphics and sounds immerse you more in the gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Call of Duty: Mobile was released not so long ago -- in October this year. From the very first days of its release, the game was a stunning victory. Call of Duty: Mobile obtained more than 35 million downloads that earn more than $2 million in earnings for its programmers throughout the first three times. After one week, the results have been even more magnificent: greater than 100 million downloads and over $17.7 million in revenue.


Call of Duty®: Mobile


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