If you're among those that spend a great deal of time on social networking or use platforms like Messenger, Gmail, and Snapchat on your interactions, then you might fancy checking out Bitmoji. This is one of the most lively and expressive free avatar Google Play programs for Android and App Store to get iOS. Here's a review of this app designed by specialist animator Jacob Blackstock.

What Bitmoji Is

The Google Android and iOS app are one of the world's most awesome avatar programs, and it lets you customize your avatar. Notably, this application is the companion of Bitstrips, a cartoon platform that's widely used. With this program, creating expressive cartoon avatars becomes a bit of cake, and you'll be able to make your pick from a vast library of stickers that feature you! What's more, you may use Bitmoji to chat on different platforms such as Snapchat. The attributes section of the iOS and Android app rates at a 4.9/5.


Among those features that contribute to the app's general advantage is the appealing yet straightforward user interface. Regardless of the myriad of functionalities, even a first time user could still find it easy to create their emojis. With this layout, it is possible to bring a selfie in the program then reference it while you work to create this beautiful mug. You can choose various hairstyles and select different color choices that you may personalize with ombre hair colors and highlights.

Performance and Usability

Besides a complimentary installing, the app offers convenience and simplicity of use. It's an effortless and straightforward design that even first-timers often join the fun instantly. Notably, you can upgrade to the latest version, which comes with bug fixes and improved functionality. Within this class, the program scores a solid 4.8/5.

Cross-platform Use

For this reason, you can use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or set up the APK on your Android cellphone. On compatibility, the app has a 4.8/5.




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