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If you stay concerned about the security of your home and business place while you are on the move, then ADT Pulse app is here to your rescue. Published & copyrighted by ADT LLC, ADT Pulse is jam-packed with imperative features that help you control the ADT Pulse security systems of your residential or commercial place from anywhere. It is one of the most reliable security apps and a trusted choice of a whopping 1 million+ users. Whether you wish to check all your ADT Pulse sensors before moving out of your place or want to see the video feed from anywhere, the app lets you do the tasks seamlessly.

Features and Functions

All the features and functionalities of the app aim of to protect you, your home, and your workplace. The features of the app work any time and from anywhere. All you need is either your Android smartphone or tablet ensure the security of your places.

With various security control features integrated into the app, you can arm or disarm the whole of the ADT Pulse security system of your place with just a tap from anywhere. You can even leverage the app to the check the current status of all the sensors. Further, the app comes with video viewing feature and the same allows you to view either LIVE or recorded footage from the security camera installed at your place.

If you are looking forward to accessing the security feature with just your voice, the app is here to cater to your wish. It offers you voice command feature which allows you to secure your home/work premise with just your voice. There are various automation features too that you come across in the app. Use them to easily control your garage doors, lights (inside/outside), thermostats, locks and much more. The same feature also allows you to set automated schedule for all these doors or devices.

Last but not the least, in worst case scenarios, for instance, break-in or any similar emergency situation, the app notifies you immediately with a text or email.


Considering the aforementioned features, one may brand the app’s interface quite technical and complicated. However, it is quite contradictory. The interface is simple, intuitive, and appealing. Arming and disarming the ADT Pulse security system is a just a matter of a tap with the app. Whether you want to see the camera feed or have a look at the thermostat, every option has been lined-up properly. The interface of the app is responsive too. Thus, it fits elegantly on a large number of screen and devices without any glitch.


Who doesn’t want to protect their home or workplace from break-ins and emergencies? With ADT Pulse Security System, undertaking the same is a convenient affair. But what if you could gain full control over this system even when you are away from your premise? The ADT Pulse app helps you in the same. Compatible with the Android operating system, the app allows you to access the ADT Pulse security system from anywhere. There are myriad of features and functionalities that keep your place safe and thus, bestow you with peace of mind. Stay alert and stay protected with the ADT Pulse app!


ADT Pulse


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