Grand Theft Auto V

It's currently the most recent chapter of the legendary GTA series and one of the genre's most massive games. GTA V combines a fascinating plot and a big detailed world powered by an advanced artificial intelligence that makes it look so realistic. It's one of the games that every gamer should strive for.

Plot - 10/10

Despite the massive tide of criticism, this game has one of the best plots amongst all games in this genre. You are offered to play three characters with distinct personality traits, and unique abilities that produce the gameplay feel much more varied than those from the previous game in the set. The gang is formed of 3 outlaws who opt to leave the offender company but have pushed to create a loud return several years after. You can switch between the characters to have fun or to finish unique missions. Some of your decisions will influence the end.

The world of GTA V is full of hilarious gags as well as clever psychological twists. It's also fascinating to traverse the map to find new areas, enjoy sightseeing, and, traditionally, struggle with the authorities and locals. After finishing the single-player story mode, you can combine the multiplayer mayhem at GTA Online. There you can fight live gamers from all around the world and spend infinite amounts of money to buy property, vehicles, and plenty of advanced firearms. There are numerous ways to compete with gamers, which means you won't ever get bored.

Controls - 10/10

GTA V has handy controls independently from the platform you have. If you play on a games console, you can activate aiming assistance and revel in arcade shooting simplified or perhaps automatic aiming. The PC version supports both keyboard-plus-mouse and controller input signal, so choose what you like the most.

Layout - 10/10

GTA V was released as many as seven decades ago on an earlier generation of consoles. But it still seems very good. Rockstar has upgraded the images after the launch of PS4 and Xbox One to make it seem even better. You can play admire the wide world from first-person and third-person views.

In 2020, you can buy Grand Theft Auto V for $29.99 for $ PS4, $15-$30 for PC depending on Steam discounts, or perform with it via the Xbox Game Pass whether it is going to be available on the service in the time you choose to play. The launch cost was $60, so it's already ignored when you spend $30. It's not a new game, but it is well worth every penny.


Grand Theft Auto V


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