Apex Legends™

Apex Legends is a battle royal game distributed on a free basis. Its developer is Respawn Entertainment, while Electronics is responsible for game publishing.

Graphics - 4/5

Apex Legends is part of the Titanfall fiction world (previous Respawn sport ), and it appears very similar to its predecessor. It is produced on a Source engine that shows us a great display picture. This was created in favor of a wide gaming audience who not consistently has advanced PCs. One more thing is that simplified images lead to higher FPS so that you won't have annoying freezes during the PVP clash (even in the case of older systems).

Gameplay - 5/5

Each Apex Legends review is somehow like others in the instance of the gameplay subject. The reason lies in the identical formula of Battle Royale projects: gamers beginning with bare hands have to look for the weapon and overcome competitions. The previous survival of the map is considered as a winner.

So, in all Apex Legends gameplay items are working the same: roughly sixty players divided into teams of three are parachuting on a map without any weapon except melee. Once you've landed, you need to search for helpful items that can be used to conquer rival teams. There are different tactics to do this: you can shield some buildings from other teams or hurry through the map for many daredevils. In any way, you'd have tons of fun.

Respawn Entertainment promises to include vehicles in the nearest future. We can assume that there would be no Titans since they can ruin the in-game equilibrium.

Controls - 5/5

Apex Legends controls are totally first-person shooter kind. Use your keyboard to mouse and move to the target. You can always switch buttons at the control menu if you're a lover of the unusual layout. There'll not be any surprises for all of the lovers of shot games when they try Apex Legends.

The fantastic multiplayer game really needs high replay value by default. Apex Legends is a well-knitted AAA battle-royale job, and its developers know precisely how to earn players spend countless hours in their match. Even though there are not numerous maps yet, your expertise will be totally different every time you play. When you're fighting with 50+ live players, you can not predict how things will go in another second. That is why everyone loves battle royale jobs: each clash is exceptional, however many times, you played on some map.


Apex Legends is an excellent shooter game along with the strongest competition of Fortnite Battle Royale. It has its own lore and unique sci-fi world, which resembles another huge multiplayer project, Destiny. Currently, the sport is on the Second Season stage, which makes us think that the funniest material remains to wait for us beforehand. Download Apex Legends from the catalog to not miss the coolest stuff.


Apex Legends™


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