Bose SoundTouch

When it comes to SoundTouch, it offers wireless speakers for your home. You can either place these speakers in one place or keep them in different nooks and corners of your home for a surround sound experience. With the Bose SoundTouch app on your smart device, you can have a full control over the music being played on your SoundTouch speakers. There are multiple controls and settings in the app that allow you to either play a single track on all the speakers or different tracks on different speakers. Controlling your music and speaker system was never so easy!

Features and Functions

The features and functions integrated into the app are unmatchable. All of them ensure convenience for the users as they dive into their favorite playlists. The app now allows fast browsing of the music and playing it from other apps and platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music Pandora, SiriusXM, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and many more. Once you have the app installed on your device, the fresh list of favorites is just a touch away. You can personalize your home with many living presets. Some of these presets include Discover Weekly by Spotify and Thumbprint Radio by Pandora.

If you love listening to the radio, the app is a sheer delight for you. It comes with a built-in internet radio which provides thousands of channels from various regions of the world. So whether you wish to listen to the local stations or any of the global stations, you can do it all with the help of this app. If you have a library of your favorite albums or artists, you can simply access them by connecting your laptop or NAS Drive.

On the whole, you have a total control over the music that you love the most. Either play it everywhere or listen to different music in different areas. Do it seamlessly with the Bose SoundTouch app.


The interface of the app is stylish owing to the amazing color theme. There are beautiful sliders and vector icons that enhance the elegant quotient of the app by several notches. Further, the interface has been kept minimal to make it convenient for the users to use it. Lastly, it has been optimized to fit on smartphones and tablets. Thus, you can use it on any device that you like without experience any sort of glitch or bug.


Everyone has a different taste and preference for music. However, there is a common thread that binds all the music admirers. They look for convenience to access their favorite track and the Bose SoundTouch app is here to cater to their needs. With this amazing app on their device, they can access their music track from a large number of apps. They can listen to the radio, control the speakers, play from their laptop’s music library, and undertake much more all with this amazing app. Even when you are completely new to the app, it won’t pose any challenge for you in terms of usability. So, sway to your favorite beats with the Bose SoundTouch app.


Bose SoundTouch


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