Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is an AR-driven game which lets you bring realistic dinosaurs straight to the streets by your mobile camera.

Dinosaurs Conquered Earth

Jurassic World Alive has been an amazing experience that is based on augmented reality (AR) technologies and GPS services. The whole wildlife of Jurassic Park obtained free and inhabited streets of town on earth. You can use the built-in navigator to hunt new ancient creatures on the move. Unlike other games, you have to travel to reach particular locations and catch dinosaurs. Do not forget to check out the map when commuting into public transport because dinos may wander around the highway. When something is near you, the app sends notifications, so you could activate the camera for tracking and taming.

It's Science

All the collected animals are available for scientific study and experiments. You can either upgrade the stats and skills of each monster or try to create new breeds. Hybridization is one of the key features of the game as it permits you to sense the magic of controlled genetic mutations. You're free to create larger and stronger dinosaurs by blending genes in a test tube and developing them in the incubator. There are no limits, which means you might cross Dimetrodon with Tarbosaurus, or a Nundasuchus using a Triceratops to receive previously unknown animals.

PvP Battle Mode

All your tamed wards have a selection of unique abilities and a particular amount of attack power. You can take them to an infinite number of fights to have a look at which specie is more powerful. It is possible to either collide your own creatures offline, or combine online conflicts with actual players. It's possible to grab new battle challenges daily and accept them to earn money, expertise, and exceptional rewards.

Share Discoveries

There's an incredible choice to see how dinosaurs walk the roads behaving like they are somewhere in native jungles. AR works really well which you can take quite realistic snaps and movie clips. It is very straightforward to talk about your content with friends to surprise or even confuse them.


Jurassic World Alive


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