Honkai: Star Rail

Welcoming itself with an explosive introduction, Honkai: Star Rail leaves an immediate impact. Within sheen-covered chrome doors secured by codes, invasions by mechanical beings armed with blades, and rooms bathed in the glow of innumerable monitors, a world unfolds. This isn't just some ordinary world; it's a world richly woven with charming characters, engaging battles, artfully designed environments, and an intrigue-riddled storyline. Honkai: Star Rail, unmistakably an RPG par excellence, promises entertainment that surpasses the 50-hour mark. 

Honkai: Star Rail extends HoYo's tradition of creating narrative-heavy gacha games. You steer the course of a memory-stripped protagonist named the Trailblazer, steering the Astral Express, a spacecraft resembling a locomotive, across diverse planets. Storylines featuring the crew’s history, their interpersonal dynamics, and the unique lore of each planetary location contribute to a rich narrative tapestry. Despite occasional hitches in pacing, the tale offers enough twists and enjoyment to have you hooked in anticipation.

The game takes players on a grand tour of three meticulously detailed planets, each one chock-full of nuanced details that you wouldn’t want to miss. These immersive worlds encourage players to interact with seemingly mundane objects, sparking delightful reactions from their crewmates and NPCs. The books and documents scattered about the game world, though not required reading, offer players a chance to dip their toes deeper into these immersive lore-rich landscapes.

New players are not exposed to the abundant progression systems instantly to avoid overwhelming them, but gradually as they ascend levels. The game features separate leveling protocols for your account, characters, abilities, world, and even two variants of equipment. The reward for investing in these progressions is a satisfying gameplay experience defined by tactical depth, encouraging players to experiment and find their unique play style.

The battle mechanics provide a turn-based system, where every victory feels earned due to the careful consideration and strategy required. Each character class carries a class role and an elemental affinity that make up the core dynamics of each battle. Switching team members, focusing on buffing or debuffing, and leveraging strengths against enemy weaknesses add layers of strategy to each encounter, providing a fulfilling and challenging combat experience.

Unfortunately, Honkai: Star Rail carries over the relic system from Genshin Impact, introducing a suite of complexities that lean too heavily on chance. One misfortunate roll of luck and your ideal set of gears could end up having the least beneficial stat raised, ultimately putting a damper on the gaming experience.


Honkai: Star Rail, an RPG par excellence, meshes engaging narrative, impressive graphics, compelling strategy-based combat, and a satisfying progression system, creating a captivating gaming mix. Despite the occasional snags in the progression system, players will undoubtedly enjoy the journey aboard the Astral Express. It's safe to say that HoYo has succeeded in crafting an immersive role-playing experience worthy of investment and dedication.


  • Engaging and immersive storyline;
  • Richly detailed gaming environments;
  • Satisfying and strategic combat system;
  • Well-executed progression system for beginner-friendly gameplay.


  • Unpredictable and potentially frustrating relic system;
  • Occasional pacing issues within the main storyline;
  • Complex leveling requirements may confuse beginners.

Honkai: Star Rail


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