Before you start this first-person stealth adventure, ask yourself a question. What should you understand about Granny's love? She is so fond that she's keeping you in for your own good! And if you attempt to escape, she will introduce you to her violin! Download Granny and attempt to escape in the home. You simply have five nights to leave this dark spot...

Pictures 8/10

Of course, it's not photorealistic, and it is even less detailed than Hello Neighbor. But face the fact: the apparatus to play it with are not all strong enough to get"console-class visuals". On the other hand, the film, as if attracted by a talented but unskilled pupil, makes even more terrible, blood and darkness being dominant. As for sounds, they are just great, so put your best headphones on.

In this first-person experience, you have to steal beyond your Granny and her traps till you discover the exit. Don't drop items on the ground. Don't step on anything practical. Don't make a single noise: she will hear it and react. And if you have made any sound, hide under the nearest bed or in the wardrobe!

As secondary as it appears to Hi Neighbor along with other indoor stealth horrors (are there that many?) Granny is quite a game in its own right. It is filled with puzzles for you to solve in the stealth mode. Any item may have another meaning, which means you can use it either to divert the Granny or to create your way to the next room. And no, it won't be simple. Granny had enough time to construct a massive labyrinth.

If the Granny meets you on your way, she will smash you with a bat. You can begin again after, though.

Replay Value 8/10

If you're the kind to learn from the mistakes, if you prefer to try new ways and still get yoursif you will regardless -- it is your match. Granny will not allow you to get away with a single wrong move. So five nights will not likely be enough to learn more about the house. It may take you months to go through and find the way out.

Controls 10/10

First-person matches in this way provide quite an established set of controllers. The virtual joystick to proceed with is below the participant's left thumb. The right part of the display is the camera transfer region: drag a finger upon it to change the direction of your appearance. Interactive elements (like doors you can start ) are emphasized, and there aren't so many options that you can get confused. Control simplicity does not make the game simpler.




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