Geometry Dash

Being a fan of classic platformer games like Rayman and Super Mario Bros, diving into Geometry Dash left me pleasantly surprised. Created by Robert Topala, or RobTop as he's more commonly known, Geometry Dash incorporates elements of these classics and introduces a pixel art aesthetic, chiptune music, and relentless running action to create an experience that's challenging, gripping, and absolutely engrossing.

Geometry Dash impresses with its low-poly artsy visuals that seem simple at first glance. Yet, every level presents a fascinating confluence of shapes, colors and effects designed to keep you captivated and intrigued. The creativity behind these visuals is astounding, each graphical element has been meticulously crafted to confuse, stimulate and entertain the player. 

The gameplay of Geometry Dash is as enthralling as it is maddening. With the original game consisting of 21 levels, along with three additional spin-offs "Meltdown," "World," and "Subzero," each bringing a variety of levels and effects - you're in for a roller coaster ride. Navigate through each level as a square character, unlocking different shapes and skins with points scored along the way. The variety of shapes available is impressive and requires a different focus and click tempo, keeping monotony at bay.

The progression mechanism of Geometry Dash demands patience and persistence. Each level gives you unlimited attempts to understand and master it , challenging your patience and testing your gaming skills. Clearing a stage that took 20, 70, or even more attempts gives a sense of accomplishment that few games match.

Every level of Geometry Dash is timed to beats produced by EDM and DubStep DJs. This makes the gameplay rhythmic, creating an immersive experience that few games can match. It’s a testament to the game’s creativity and one that sets it apart from others in the genre.


Geometry Dash is an incredible mishmash of the best parts of platformer games - it retains the essence of classics yet feels fresh and engrossing. Its harmonious blend of gameplay, visual, and sound design offers a deeply engaging experience that justifies its popularity among platformers aficionados.


1. Engaging graphics and sound that are perfectly integrated into the gameplay
2. Unique blend of classic and fresh gaming elements
3. Wide range of levels and shapes


1. Re-playability is mainly limited to mastering levels and unlocking shapes.


Geometry Dash


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