DOOM Eternal

Eternal is a new release for the DOOM game, to be more precise, the fifth in this series. It was developed by id Software and is planned to be published in March 2020 by Bethesda Softworks. The game will be available to play on 5 platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The exact release date for the last launch is definitely unknown. It is only known that it will be in 2020. 

Features and Functions

The game describes the story of an ancient warrior named Doom Slayer. Once he was involved in the battles against evil forces of Hell, and now need to continue the fighting. Following its predecessors, the Eternal release also emphasizes on so-called “push-forward” combat. It means that the gameplay encourages and forces the players to engage the enemies on a regular basis in order to get health and new ammo. The weapons vary from the chainsaw to an arm-blade. Also, you can access the number of firearms:

♦ Combat Shotgun;

♦ Super Shotgun;

♦ Heavy Cannon;

♦ Rocket Launcher;

♦ Plasma Rifle;

♦ BFG 9000;

♦ Ballista.

Moreover, Hugo Martin, the game’s creative director, added new types of demons, such as Marauder and Doom Hunter. The new “Destructible Demons” system allows enemies’ bodies to destruct gradually. It is well displayed in the visuals animations and effects. The new live system allows players to gather one-up items that you can find in different parts of the world during exploring it. They look like a green helmet. It allows you to continue the game on the same point where you have died, not n the nearest checkpoint. As you know, the DOOM video game series features the multiplayer mode. Due to the new Invasion regime, you can now join other single-players campaigns and play like a demon. But do not afraid, if you want to prevent other players from invading your game, you can turn off this mode in the settings. 


As we mentioned a lot of times, DOOM Eternal has improved graphics and animations. It also features the new movement mechanics, for instance, wall-climbing or dash moves. All these helped to made the game even more realistic. What about controls, depending on your platform, you can use either mouse and keyboard, or joystick. The commands are similar that was used in the previous releases. Therefore, if you played the game before, you do not need to invest much time to figure out how all works. The interface is pleasant and has simple navigation. 


Eternal is a new release in the Doom series that features a lot of new improvements. Especially, they were related to graphics, animations, and customization options. The planned launch date for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms is March 2020. The release date for Nintendo Switch is unknown yet. According to the developers, they strive to make something like a “DOOM Universe” with their unique locales for players to explore. 


DOOM Eternal


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