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Subnautica review

One of the most famous and interesting survival games of the late 2010s, Subnautica is a story of an emergency landing a spaceship on an unknown planet. It’s mostly covered with water, and the ocean is full of familiar and unknown dangers. You’ll have to survive in this hostile environment and make it a place for living.

In 2018 Subnautica is the thing again, due to the release of a standalone addon-sequel Subnautica: Below Zero. Though the new game is meant to surpass the original in all possible ways, the game of 2014 is still great. And if you want to try the sequel, you better start with the origin.

Features and Functions

First-person survival invites you to explore this world through the eye of the survivor. There’s no land above this endless ocean, so the only way in is down. Explore the bottom of the sea, encounter strange objects, get ready for any of it turning out dangerous.

The variety of extraterrestrial underwater life is stunning. Along with predators and poisonous things you’ll see the beauty you don’t expect to see in such a dangerous place. You’ll also see edible species and underwater cave you can live in.

Like in all survival games, Subnautica is much about crafting. The ocean is rich in materials, so, like an underwater Robinson Crusoe, you’ll have to make your world out of pieces around you. You’ll need a diving suit, some equipment to produce oxygen and fresh water, and finally weapons and equipment to explore more of this strange sea. Luckily, you have a crafting device, building tools, aquariums for alien lifeforms, and a survival guide in the memory of your PDA.

The survival is hard in Subnautica, but it’s a worthy adventure. Taking the story off the Earth, the developers let their fantasy unleash, so there’s literally anything to expect. First-person experience is the most immersive solution for this game.


Though the size of the game is rather moderate for 2018, it looks great. Water is recreated very carefully, both on the surface and in the deep. The underwater world features various biomes, so the game has a lot to surprise you. And if your PC isn’t very ancient, it will run Subnautica smoothly.

The game utilizes traditional mouse-and-keyboard controls, not very hard to learn. Left mouse button, for example, is used for interaction with objects, the right button is for applying items. Moving mouse changes the camera position. The WASD block moves your character as it does in other games, and so on.


Despite its unearthly beauty, the game doesn’t require much space or performance. Even an average laptop of 2015, with a built-in video core and 8 GB RAM, is enough to run it. It’s common for the games four or five years old: they don’t demand too much, but they’re still enjoyable.

Subnautica is a classical survival adventure, the type of game you know even before playing because this type of adventure is embedded into mass culture since Daniel Defoe. This time you have something even better than reading a book or watching a movie: you’re a space Robinson Crusoe yourself.





Author: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

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