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If you love branded and designer products but hate to pay a high price for them, then the Tophatter app is the one that you need to have on your smart device. The app hosts products in various categories viz. jewelry, apparel, accessories, etc. Thus, it becomes your one-stop destination for shopping. If you are looking forward to purchasing a gift for your near and dear ones, you can shop for that as well with the help of this app. There are many features and functionalities that define the uniqueness of the app. It is free to install, join, and free to bid. Get your hands on the TopHatter app now!

Features and Functions

The app hosts some of the most interesting and essential features that make your shopping all the more fun. If are looking forward to purchasing branded and designer products at up to 80% discount, you can get the deals here on the Tophatter app. There are a plethora of items that you come across when you browse the app. Some of these items include electronic items, jewelry items, fashion items, household items, makeup kits, purses, wallets, etc. They have been amazingly organized in the app so that the users don't have to waste your time finding them. If you can't find what you are looking for, there is a powerful search feature that has been integrated into the app.

Further, there is a heart symbol that you find attached to each and every item. Press on it to save the item to your favorite list. You can later go to your favorite list and purchase the item from there. You can even purchase the item that you like by hitting the buy button attached to it.

There are many shopping apps out there but it’s the free shipping that defines the uniqueness of the Tophatter app. Even if you are shopping cart is worth $1, you get it without having to pay for any shipping charges.


Organized – That’s the one word that perfectly describes the interface of the app. The whole of the app follows a purple theme with vector icons denoting the important features and functionalities. There is a text label with each of the icons that make it simple for the users to understand them. Browsing the app is seamless owing to the straightforward navigation. All it requires is sliding and tapping to access the features and undertake shopping on the app.


Gone are the days when people had to pay a heavy price to purchase their favorite brand products. With the Tophatter app, purchasing branded products online is an affordable affair. Because the app hosts a plenty of products from various niches and categories, the users do not have to rely on any other app or online shopping portals for the shopping needs. The app has been so designed that even if you are new to the world of online shopping, you can easily understand and leverage its features. Enjoy secure and seamless shopping with the Tophatter app!

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