Online Calculators at

CalculatorLooking for a quick online calculator? You’re in the right spot, just a bit early to the party.

If you look to the right there are a handful of online calculators available. Not the dozens that I’d like to have online, but it’s a start.

Why an online calculator site?

To start, I’m a web geek. I enjoy writing code in JavaScript and PHP. I tend to get myself going on large scale projects and burn out before they’re finished. For this site I wanted to put together something that was made up of small projects that all fit together. That way I can add another online calculator with 30 minutes or so of free time.

Are more coming?

That’s the plan. I’d like to get a few dozen JavaScript calculators online. It’s just a matter of having enough time.

A bit of history

This site started as a grading calculator to make it easier for me to score students’ grades when assignments weren’t easily divisible into 100. The gradebook calculator on this site is the first calculator I wrote and used to live on its own domain. But as I started adding calculators it made sense to collect them on one site and was born.

Originally it was also an excuse for me to try out Dreamweaver. I bought the Adobe Web Bundle about a year ago, mostly for Photoshop and Flash. But since it came with Dreamweaver I installed it. Finally forced myself to build a site, originally this site, using nothing but Dreamweaver.

The web geeks among you will recognize that this site is now running on WordPress. Turns out Dreamweaver and I didn’t get along. So I spent about an hour one day moving 7 online calculators out of Dreamweaver and into WordPress.