If you're a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, then you know that the game is teeming with a delightful array of weapons. Each brings its unique charm to the dystopian world of Night City. But there's one weapon that stands out among the rest - the Cheetah Power Pistol. Not only does this power pistol pack a punch, but it also adds a strategic edge to gameplay. It's a treasure worth hunting down. However, the path to acquiring this weapon involves making precise choices during a specific quest. Ready to find out how? Let's dive in.

Navigating the No Easy Way Out Quest

The journey to the Cheetah pistol begins with the No Easy Way Out quest. Notably, the course you take during this quest will determine whether or not you'll acquire the pistol. A pivotal part of this quest involves interacting with Angie at Damir’s Clinic. It's crucial to side with Aaron during these interactions, with your dialogue choices reflecting this alliance. This will result in a strained relationship with Angie, subsequently leading to a heated confrontation at Damir’s Clinic. When the dust settles, Angie’s remains will be holding the much-coveted Cheetah pistol.

Why the Cheetah Power Pistol Deserves Your Attention

So, what's the big deal about the Cheetah pistol? Well, it's not just about its impressive firepower. The true beauty of this pistol lies in the advantages it offers to players who aren't afraid to get up-close and personal with their foes. By doing so, they can enjoy enhanced Crit and Bleeding chances, as well as increased damage when targeting an enemy's torso. Now, that's what we call a game-changer!

Impressive Stats of the Cheetah Power Pistol

Here's a quick look at what the Cheetah power pistol brings to the table:

  • Fire Rate – 3.74
  • Damage – 37.99
  • Reload Speed – 0.75
  • Effective Range – 34.5
  • Weapon Handling – 6.4
  • Capacity - 859
  • Bonus Crit Damage – 50%
  • Bonus Headshot Damage Multiplier – 150%
  • Bonus Bleeding Chance – 15%

Maximizing the Cheetah Pistol's Potential

The Cheetah pistol isn't just a weapon, it's a strategy. Equipping this power pistol and closing in on enemies can be a masterstroke. Activate Sandevistan, and you can take out enemies at close quarters without having to exhaust your ammunition. So, if you're looking to bring some serious firepower to your Cyberpunk 2077 experience, the Cheetah Power Pistol is a weapon you can't afford to miss.