Feargus Urquhart: The Return of the Fallout Creator

Craig Cortez


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Feargus Urquhart has been a key figure in the highly popular Fallout series since the very beginning, and he was instrumental in parts 1 and 2. Recently, he co-founded Obsidian Entertainment and was the producer for Fallout: New Vegas. With Microsoft now owning both Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment, fans are hoping Urquhart and the team will one day grace us with another game. 

Rumors were stirred when Feargus Urquhart expressed his desire to return to the Fallout series before he retires. In an interview with Gamepressure.com, he said, “I'd like to do another Fallout before I retire. I don't know when that will happen, as I don't have a specific retirement date yet.”

Sadly, Urquhart and Obsidian Entertainment are currently focused on other projects and need something in the works for this game. That said, in a very short time, he may still get his wish of creating another Fallout. Microsoft’s purchase of both Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment marks a reunion between Feargus Urquhart and the developers behind the original series.

As exciting as this is, there are a few obstacles in the way. Obsidian Entertainment, who will likely be in charge of the game, needs to complete its current projects. Additionally, Microsoft and Bethesda need to come to an agreement on how the game will be developed, who will develop it, and how the game series will move forward. 

In conclusion, Feargus Urquhart has been instrumental in developing the Fallout series and is poised to return to the radioactive wasteland again. With the release of New Vegas in 2010, fans of the series are eager for another go around. Unfortunately, the current projects at Obsidian Entertainment have to be completed before anything else can be done. However, with Microsoft and Bethesda now at the helm, the future for Feargus Urquhart and the Fallout series is looking bright.