Heart Machine has unveiled its first official gameplay trailer for Hyper Light Breaker, an exciting follow-up to 2016's beloved indie Zelda-like Hyper Light Drifter. The game is a huge departure from the original in terms of gameplay, but it maintains its distinctive soundscapes and visual identity. With infinite open worlds that combine bespoke design and procedural generation, players will be able to explore new RPG elements like multiple classes and a variety of environments.

The trailer showcases fast-attacking swordsmen reminiscent of the protagonist from the first game as well as burly engineers or gunsmiths and more slight thieves with Wolverine claws. Despite not being able to feel combat in hand yet, the souls like dash-and-bash rhythm look faithful to 3D translations of previous games. Moreover, Heart Machine has included vibrant cyberpunk cities alongside neon pink beaches, sandstone ruins, and desolate arctic bases – this world appears full of life compared to what was seen in Hyper Light Drifter. To ensure players get a unique experience at each playthrough, failed runs will lead them to wake up in entirely new generated maps; thanks to procedural generation, no two experiences are alike!

A recent NoClip documentary dives into Heart Machine's designs for "infinite open worlds," where failed runs lead you to wake up in an entirely new map created procedurally by the game itself. This promise is rarely fulfilled, but what’s on display looks incredibly enticing yet familiar at the same time, thanks to its roots from the 2016's release.

Hyper Light Breaker looks set to be another hit from Heart Machine that will capture both fans of the original game as well as those looking for something new from this developer team - especially given its innovative use of procedural generation within certain areas across these vast worlds encountered during playtime.


It's clear that Heart Machine is working hard on making sure gamers get an immersive experience with every run they take through these infinite open worlds – something that could potentially revolutionize roguelike gaming if done right! Fans should keep their eyes peeled for upcoming updates on this exciting title – it's surely set itself apart from other similar games when fully released!