Disney and Ravensburger have confirmed the release date of the second set of Disney Lorcana, which will be available in specialist/hobby shops across the United States on November 17. This follows the previously announced August 18 launch date of Disney Lorcana’s first set and marks an exciting time for fans of this new collectible card game.

The news was welcomed by many in anticipation, especially since Boosterbox – a Dutch distributor- leaked a potential December 1 release date earlier this month. With two expansions launching within three months, it looks like Disney and Ravensburger are following a similar schedule to Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, with four new expansions each year.

For those who don't know what Disney Lorcana is all about, it's basically a trading card game where players battle against each other using decks that feature characters from various Disney franchises such as Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel, Lilo & Stitch, etc. Players can customize their decks with cards from booster packs or special themed sets in order to create powerful combinations that will give them an edge during their battles against opponents.

As well as introducing new cards into the game, the second expansion will also include several booster packs that each contain additional randomized cards. These packs are great for adding even more variety and unpredictability to your gaming experience! Plus, they’re perfect for building up your collection or trading with friends if you're feeling generous.

Alongside these strategic elements, there is also an element of collecting involved as players strive to get their hands on rare cards featuring iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader – making it perfect for both casual fans who just want something fun to do and hardcore collectors looking for something more challenging.

It's clear that both Disney and Ravensburger are committed to making sure that fans have plenty of content throughout 2023 with at least four sets planned over the course of the year – so if you're looking forward to playing some intense battles while building up your own collection then now is definitely a great time!