Introducing the new objective system in League of Legends! This new system is based on how far behind your team is in terms of gold and dragon count. If your team falls below the gold and dragon deficit requirements, you can earn objective bounties in place of gold and dragon bounties. These objective bounties can be claimed on various objectives, such as Dragon or Cannon turrets, or even ground Turrets. The higher the bounty, the more value it has. The team that falls behind can now receive bonus gold, calculated on how much they fall behind in terms of gold, experience and strategic goals. The possibility of getting bonus gold is granted after team falling below a certain threshold and deactivates after 15 seconds if the team manages to get back on its feet or gets an active bounty. Targets that will give your team bonus gold, will be highlighted on your minimap. The bonus gold will be distributed evenly among all every champion. The max limit of increasing the bonus reward is 60%.