A meadow is not just a green expanse. It can be colored with spring flowers in whole or in part, as an alternative to flowerbeds.

With a little imagination we can do it in one color or polychronic, made of cultivated or spontaneous flowers.

If you want to have a flowering meadow is good to know that there are different kinds of grassy mixture on the market. For example, there is a carpet called Japanese carpet. It contains various species of flowers all of small size, such as the star, zinnia, nasturtium, agerate, do not forget and daisy chaff.

The content of several sachets of spring flowers should be mixed with a certain amount of low-growth grass seed, such as the dwarf clover.

The mixture thus obtained should be sown in the area that we have intended for the lawn in April preferably or early May.

If we are not satisfied with these pre-packaged solutions and you want to experiment with your imagination and your personal taste there is only to choose.

Someone has focused on a single-colored lawn and has created a lawn of chamomile, another with a piece of land available, has made a lawn of thyme.

A Carpet Of Thyme Or Chamomile

A Meadow With White Spring Flowers

In the first case, the ground must be in full sun. The chamomile flower, easily available on the market, is sown and is also sold in pharmacies and herbalist shops for the famous herbal teas.

Being a plant that grows enough, it will be necessary to mix some grass, I would say little, that grows more or less at the same height. The flowering of the chamomile lasts throughout the month of June, keeping fresh and vivid.

A Meadow With Pink Spring Flowers

Also the thyme, precisely the snake thyme, is an aromatic plant, which produces pink flowers is very suitable for our purpose.

It can be planted numerous and at close range, forming a meadow that resembles a moorland, low flowering suitable for windy places. It does not require any mowing and will bloom again the following spring.

A Field of Pratolins

The combinations are many other blue cornflowers, marigolds, daisies. If you want a lawn sprinkled with pratolins, you can sow seeds of double pratolins together with a mixture of low lawns (the sports field type).

The following year, these daisies will return to the meadow, but no longer to the double variety, but to the simple variety of wild daisies, which are certainly prettier than the former.

It is necessary, however, to be inspired, to travel now that it is the right season, on foot or by bicycle, banks along the rivers, or in June mountain meadows with a multicolored and festive appearance: to be inspired by the yellow meadows of the plain or the colorful mountain pastures before mowing.

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