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Assassin's Creed Odyssey review

If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed Origins, then you’ll be blown away by what Odyssey presents. Odyssey can safely claim the crown of the most decent game in the history of the franchise, because of not only the blaring visuals but also uncompromising gameplay mechanics. The game also lets you customize your entire experience more than ever before. The introduction of Greek and Spartan skins and an overarching storyline are executed almost in perfect synchrony, and even gamers new to the franchise will adapt quickly to the intricacies of this game. Odyssey also introduces a new expansive map with a greater focus on water. 

Features and Functions 

At its core, Odyssey is still a combat-based game, and it’s not lost on the developer Ubisoft that this is what people like most about the game. For fans who played Origins, combat was always at the center of all action, minimizing tedious menu interaction. Odyssey stays true to that legacy. With ranged combat and customizable abilities, this trait only gets better, and you’ll have a lot more control over how you fight based on your preferences. Melee and stealth also have their customizable branches and players will soon get to see their visions pan out as they play. There are new introductions to the franchise too, both in terms of skins and characters, though the standard assassin and warrior's faces remain familiar. 

Moving away from all-out war to one-on-one player style combat means that Ubisoft is now able to experiment with developing individual player skills. This makes progression even itchier as you can see how much you are growing. Odyssey features RPG-style features, which is exactly why Odyssey hits the nail right on the head. The ability to make decisions that impact the general fate of your quests is brought to life in Odyssey. 


Odyssey has one of the best interfaces of any game ever produced and the best in the franchise. If it were to be rated, a 5/5 would suffice. Not only is the open-world vaster, but you also get to interact with bigger portions of water than before. In fact, some of the battles with your ships bring that focus to water. The graphics are beautiful, and there is little not to be awed by. Odyssey lets you interact hands-on with the gameplay mechanics, and it’s is quite an awesome experience to behold especially in close melee combat. The characters are as realistic as they get, and the mounds of Greek influence in this game are just a marvel. 


What’s not to love about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Even those who aren’t hardcore RPG-style or action genre fans will appreciate just how much this game tests the fabric of reality with a completely immersive experience. The story finally fully interacts with the gameplay, with over 30 hours of cutscenes offered. Proper character development has also started taking root in the franchise, and now it is easier to make a connection between the timelines of Ancient Egypt, Castile, and now Sparta. The Aegean Sea looks absolutely stunning in Odyssey, and all other aspects of this game follow suit.