In order to give some shade and to decorate avenues, parks and gardens of large dimensions, the imposing plane trees, which can reach remarkable heights, are extremely suitable for this purpose.

Considering also that these plants have a remarkable resistance to smog, the plane trees, are often used to decorate the streets and spaces of large cities.

Plane: Description and Characteristics

The scientific name plane tree Platanus is a plant genus belonging to the family of Platanaceae, consisting of about ten different tree species.

The straight and robust trunk, capable of reaching considerable heights and even exceed 30 meters, can have a diameter that sometimes exceeds even one meter. The thick and straight branches create a dense and roundish foliage with the passing of the years.

The bark of the plane tree takes on a different appearance and colour with the passing of the years, passing from the brown-grey colouring of the first years of life to the darker one in old age. It is very crumbly and tends to peel off with age, taking on its typical yellowish-greyish patchy appearance.

The leaves of this tree are simple and very large (10x20cm), with visible veins, formed by 5 or 7 lobes. Velvety at the top, glabrous at the bottom, they have a light green colour.

Produced since May, the inflorescences are spherical in shape. Flowers in small globular heads, hanging, in groups, break down dispersing the hairy achenes.

Fast Growing Plane Trees

The growth of the plant is very rapid, also the plane trees are very long-lived trees, having the ability to reach over 200 years of age, adversity permitting.

Plane: Origins of the Name

The name of this tree comes from the Greek ‘platys’ which means wide, wide and flat, with direct reference to the large and wide leaves with which it is endowed.

Multiplication and Propagation of the Plane Tree

If you want to use the seeds, the best time to sow the plane trees is in spring, but the fastest way to multiply this plant is certainly by cuttings.

Better Exposure and Climate

Even if they prefer sunny places, they grow well also in shady places, they do not fear rigid climates and they need a lot of space, as they have a fast growth and can reach great heights.


The tree plane tree very durable, does not need to be watered, in adulthood is content with the rains. The only thing to keep in mind is that, like many other plants, it fears water stagnation.

Plane Trees With Few Adversities

Once adult, the plane trees very leathery trees, are hardly attacked by pests or affected by particular diseases.

In the early years of life, however, they can be affected by white sickness and rust.

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