The selection is made with the help of our friends – excellent professionals who know about garden technology.

Secateurs guaranteed for life

Ergonomic, this pruner made in France, is available in three sizes to fit all the hands of gardeners. There is even a left-handed version. Best of all, its swivel bottom handle improves performance while

dramatically reducing the risk of blisters. Three cutting heads are also available, offering a

maximum cutting capacity of 15 to 30 mm. The tool is so reliable that the manufacturer does not hesitate to guarantee it for life! PXR secateurs.

Effective and five times faster than a broom

Terrace, driveway, downhill garage, or sidewalk: there are plenty of opportunities for broomsticks in the garden to collect leaves, butts, pine needles, and other waste. 

Equipped with brushes that are able to dislodge debris in the corners and loosen rubbish that adheres to the ground, this mechanical sweeper is always ready for use. Its removable waste bin is designed so that the user does not come into contact with dirt. The handle is mobile to adapt to the size of the user. Sweeper S650. KÄRCHER.

The favorite battery chainsaw of gardeners

With 2.5 kg of the battery included, this chainsaw is easy to handle. The power of its motor associated with a special chain ensures fast cuts. The autonomy of the device allows cutting a hundred logs 15 cm in diameter.

 Adjusting the chain tension is easy without tools, and a translucent tank allows oil level control. This machine is part of a range, including blower, trimmers, hedge trimmers, and mowers, all working with the same battery! Chainsaw MSA 120 C. Battery and charger included. STIHL.

A powerful robotic lawnmower

This new RS series mower performs lawn mowing on surfaces up to 3000 m2. Installed by a professional, she works in an area delimited by a perimeter cable that also serves to designate the areas prohibited to the machine (massive, swimming pool …). 

Its GSM communication module makes it possible to receive on its telephone the operational or security alerts to be able to intervene if necessary. Discreet, she can mow anytime without disturbing the neighborhood. Robotic lawnmower RS ​​615 PRO. Robomow.

A tool to cut freehand

In both indoors and in the garden, this battery-powered device allows you to make clear, precise cuts without any risk of deviation. It cuts both wood and plastic and ideally extends the hand for the manufacture of small objects or furniture. Easy cut 12. With battery and charger. BOSCH

A well-designed brushcutter harness

In 1997, Honda launched the first 4T reclining engines. The new 450 brushcutters now have the GX50 engine version, one of the “cleanest” on the market, but also one of the least noisy, with little vibration and easy starting. In search of greater comfort of use, the Japanese manufacturer has developed a new holding harness that allows a perfect balancing of the machine without a feeling of weight on the hip. Brushcutter UMK 450. HONDA.

Or a garden in perfect condition, and for easy maintenance, some tools are essential! Find out what tools to have in 2019.

The world of the garden is not that of the smartphone or the automobile, which surprises us each month with ever more extraordinary innovations. But the builders of this dynamic sector are not left out. Certainly, battery devices still amaze us, especially in areas where heat engines seemed undestroyable. And our selection of the month also includes many other surprises …

Some innovations could have included our selection, such as the mower robot Belrobotics mowing the lawn over one meter wide, the Ryobi battery-powered cutter, the Elite 8 Pro Berthoud pre-pressure sprayer that combines ergonomics and ease of use. However, when it comes to innovation, you have to know how to balance things out and, perhaps, only remember the tools that bring a real “plus” to the user, without falling into the ephemeral that does will not survive more than one season …

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