Let’s start with DIY projects for outdoor furniture. They are all very funny and easy to do and above all cheap. If your garden is empty and boring with these simple ideas, you can transform your space making it unique, comfortable and original.

We present 3 simple and fun DIY garden furnishing ideas.

Small sculptures or special furniture can help us to make the garden spectacular but why not create with DIY small handicrafts with which to decorate the garden in a unique and original way but especially cheap thanks to their creativity?

DIY furniture can give your garden a fresh look with a few simple ideas. Even if you don’t have money to spend on expensive outdoor furniture and you want to give your garden a high degree of originality, follow our simple ideas.

How to TransformF–źlowerpots Into a Comfortable and Elegant Outdoor Table

Summer is just around the corner and now all the shops are preparing to display their outdoor furniture, but we do not want to appear any furniture our goal is another to build an elegant outdoor table with little money.

If you see a pair of large flower pots that you like, cheap buy them and with a few more auros we can buy an aluminum tray for the top of our table DIY.

Let’s see what we need in everything to make our first do-it-yourself table:

  • 2 large vases;
  • 2 aluminium tray or the material you prefer of the same diameter as the pots;
  • 2 pieces of waste wood;
  • 1 long bolt with one nut and one washer;
  • 1 silicone and color spray paint of your choice.

In case your table will be outdoors, use a more weatherproof paint, in this case you just need to be advised a good product when buying.

Having said that, let’s see how to assemble our garden table. To make it more stable, since it will be composed of our two vases simply stacked in a mirror-like way, we make a hole in the pieces of waste wood that we have.

We stack the pots in a specular way and let the bolt pass between them and the pieces of wood that we have previously drilled, the wood in practice serves to avoid splitting the pots when they join with the bolt, screw the nut with the washer to join in a stable way the two pots.

If you want to make less visible the junction of the two vases once joined, just pass a little ‘of silicone on the junction and shape it with a finger. Once the silicone has dried, you can paint it with the spray we have chosen for our table. At this point we just have to add the tray on top and fix it with the silicone and that’s it.

So we have created a comfortable and elegant outdoor table with two simple vases and a tray.

Vertical Table or Garden Top

Extremely easy to build, to build a vertical garden table just take two old pallets of the same size and blocks of any material for the table top.

Join the two pallets in a mirror-like way with simple screws, to make it more stable at the end fix the pallets to the wall with fisher, sand a bit the part that will be visible before painting it. Place or fix the blocks on top of them, depending on the material used, and that’s it.

We have quickly and inexpensively built a comfortable coffee table or table top for our garden.

Transforming Old Tree Stumps Into Chairs

If you have old tree stumps set aside for years in your corner garden they can work perfectly as garden chairs.

Use sandpapers to make them smoother or use a sander and buy some soft cushions. Simple and inexpensive DIY project. You can also paint them to your liking. So we have built some comfortable and original garden chairs.

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