Subnet Calculator

Tired of manually calculating subnet addresses? Let a subnet calculator do the work for you. Just enter an IP address along with either a dotted decimal netmask or CIDR and how many subnets you want to create. Push calculate and the script will do all the work for you, listing the network address, netmask, broadcast address, first usable address, last usable address, and total number of usable addresses for the network you enter and all of the subnets.

IP Address

Notes on this subnet calculator

[sam id=”5″ codes=”true”]First, the number of subnets has to be a power of 2. That’s just the way subnetting works. If you enter a number that isn’t a power of 2 it’ll be rounded up. It also has to be at least 2 since it really doesn’t make sense to subnet one network into itself.

You also cannot create more than 8,192 subnets. Yes, some networks can be subnet more than that. But, depending on your browser and computer, pushing that much data out to the DOM may take so long it’s just not worth the effort.

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