Teacher’s Gradebook Calculator

This gradebook calculator was designed to help teachers with a quick and easy way to calculate grades without having to calculate by hand.

To create a grade chart, fill in the fields above and press Go!

Questions is the number of questions in your assignment. Out of is the final score, and will typically be 100 for a 100% assignment. Step allows you to change the distance between questions. For example, if you want to get scores in half question increments you would enter 0.5 in step.

Gradebook Calculator
out of


You’re grading an assignment with 37 questions on a scale of 0-100%. Enter 37 into the questions field, 100 in the out of, and step of 1. Click go and you’ll see that Bob who got 29 of 37 correct scored a 78%.

Another assignment also has 37 questions and again out of 100%, but this time students can get half credit. Bob’s neighbor Sue gets 33.5 total questions correct. By changing step from 1 to 0.5 you can see that Sue made a 91%.

About this gradebook calculator

This particular page, the first on this site, started because I needed a way to quickly score Computer Science AP tests. For those that don’t teach AP, free response on the CS-APA exam are out of 9 points and scored in half point increments. And I wanted a way to quickly map those scorings out to 100%.

To use the AP scoring as an example; questions would be 9, out of would be 100, and step would be 0.5.

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